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Miss Mainwaring (Port Talbot 2017 ). I have ben having osteopathy and acupuncture with Lisa…. I have has significant improvement in all areas treated, elbow, arm, lower back and back. Thank you so much Lisa, you have worked wonders. (Face Book 2017)

 Mike Davies (Morriston April 2016) I have been having a problem with my shoulder for the last 8 to 10 months.

Restricted movement, even something as simple as trying to tuck my shirt in was a nightmare.

Even trying to sleep i couldn't lie on my shoulder it was so uncomfortable.

Lisa at all times was the consummate professional, explaining what has gone wrong and making sure that every manipulation was explained before the action was performed, so i was fully aware of what was being done and why.

Also remember that this is a two way process.

And if Lisa does give you exercise homework,make sure you listen and take her advice, as she is saying it for the benefit of your health.

I would have no hesitation in using Celtic Osteopathic Services in the future, but not too soon i hope :)

CRAIG fb (Baglan moors)  April 2016 …..Highly recommended and professional, was suffering lower leg pain due to a lot of road running, after two appointments with louise and having treatment there’s been a 75% improvement whilst running and my recovery after a run has drastically improved ⭐️

Brian  April (Pyle Bridgend)  April 2016 I have had a bad back for about 20 years ,I had a operation because my disc and a bit if the disc jammed my siatic nerve . I could hardly walk 2 weeks ago but after having acupuncture last week the pain started to diminish ,I had it again today and its a lot better,not pain free yet but I think after another session i will be right .thanks louse.

Angela (Port Talbot ) 4/4/2016 FB.... Thank you for today! For the first time since experiencing problems, I actually felt listened to and relieved. Lisa explained things to me in detail and made me feel at ease and didn't fob me off. Looking forward to my next session
Liz (Swansea) January 2016 FB.....Lisa has started treating me for my various aches and pains. What a difference she has made! She has a wealth of knowledge and is giving me excellent advice on how to improve my well-being.

"I'm 15 years old and have recently had some pains in my back from playing rugby. I have been going to Celtic Osteopath for the past month or so and have been given fantastic treatment and a variety of exercises to help alleviate the pain. The whole process was pain free and has really helped my back pain go away. I have learned a lot about the way my body should be working and I have really enjoyed the whole experience. I would definitely recommend." Daniel   (Port Talbot, South Wales) Feb 2016

“I have seen many physios in work about my shin splints and have never been able to pinpoint the root of the problem. Thanks to Lisa I have learned that it is muscles in my lower legs and not actually my shins. Now I have acupuncture when I feel is needed and this completely relieves any pains or niggles I have. Making my Job in the Army a whole lot easier. Professional and friendly, Highly recommended only wish we had osteopaths like this in work.” Elliott (Birchgrove Swansea) 11/2/2016


“After an afternoon session with Lisa I found myself feeling extremely ‘goodish’ and will definitely be going back for more” John (Swansea) 4/2/2016


“I was paralysed from the waist down when I broke my back in a horrific motor bike racing accident in 2006. I have slowly learnt to walk again but have large areas of nerve damage and muscle wastage. My back is fused in two places. I can only walk with leg splints in place and the aid of sticks. Sometimes the pain is unbearable but with treatment from Lisa at Celtic osteopathy the pain in now bearable and it has also helped my mobility. She has completed a thorough examination and detailed history to devise a comprehensive treatment programme tailored to meet my complex needs. Thank you lisa at Celtic osteopathy for you great care and attention! I shall be recommending you to all my friends and old colleagues in the bike racing world” Nigel (Clydach, Swansea)


“I am a Civil Servant which involves a lot of computer work, which gives me neck and shoulder pain with the occasional headache. Louise has helped to reduced the tension in my shoulders and neck which have also reduced my headaches. Louise has given me simple exercises to do at home and work to reduce the build up of tension in my shoulders and has helped me understand the importance of work station ergonomics. Thank you Louise” Rhys ( Treboeth, Swansea)


Lisa was the first osteopath that I have seen. I did not know what to expect when I got there, I was very nervous. Lisa was welcoming and professional and provided me with a thorough examination. I have had back pain since giving birth to my first child.
Lisa has helped to reduce my pain and calmed my fears.
Thank you .. you are a life saver”  Zoe (Brynhyfred , Swansea)


“Professional, friendly service. Had a fantastic first session with the lovely Louise. Can help with many ailments. Every process was thoroughly explained and I have to say that after having acupuncture on my hands for the first time, my hands are pain free for first time in years. Highly recommend a look at least. Iv tried everything else and now found these lovely ladies. check out they website and see if they can help” Sarah (Baglan)


“I have been treated by lisa jones and it has vastly improved my pain and mobility which has allowed me to continue competing horses at a very high level nationally. I have had osteopathy treatment and acupuncture which I can highly recommend together.  Before these treatments I struggled to get out of bed in the morning and was unable to lift and bend properly let alone ride fit competition horses now I can do all of these things. As a nurse manager in a big hospital organisation it has also enabled me to continue in the job that I love.  Thank you lisa jones at Celtic osteopathy.” Rachel (Graig Cefn Parc, Swansea)


“Louise is treating me for a chronic bad back problem.
The NHS has given up on me, but Louise had made a vast difference.” Estelle  (Morriston). 


“I have many chronic health care issues and am frightened to be touched due to the pain. Louise was very gentle with me, caring and professional. I now look forward to my appointments with Louise, she has made a vast improvement in my health and mobility.
I recommend everyone to make an appointment  Louise & osteopathy can make a Huge difference in your life” Ann (Clydach). 


“Very friendly, highly qualified, motivated and very helpful. Thank you! Recommend to everyone, even if you need just “MOT” one a year”. Laura Kaleinikaite-Beard.